Group Walk

A group walk usually consists of 5-10 people and is a great way to not only connect with nature but also connect with other people.

The walk follows a standard sequence of guided meditation, invitations to establish sensual connections (vary by the group, the trail and weather on the day), a few rounds of circle sharing and ends with a tea ceremony.

No prior experience is needed. Typically a walk is 2.5-3 hour in duration and covers about 2km. The walk is not physically strenuous so it should be accessible for most people.


Private Walk

Organisational team building? Company retreat? Birthday, engagement, hen party? School outing?* We can design a private walk for your group.

Do you have any special needs e.g. wheelchair user, visually impaired etc.? Or, do you just fancy a one-to-one walk? Talk to us and we will see what we can do for you.


Koha Walk

Koha is the Māori concept of gift.

Every now and then we organise a koha walk where we all practice living in a gift economy. We will give you our time, skills and stories. We invite you to make an offer. If it is monetary, it can be based on your evaluation of how much the walk is worth to you and your ability to pay. Other forms of gift are also gratefully accepted.

You will NOT be denied if you cannot pay. If you have abundant resources however, contributing more than customary rates will enable us to serve more of those who need them.

Ngā mihi.